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    Oslob · Whale shark watching

    I came across Christan Leblanc’s Youtube channel when I was doing some travel research in December. He was traveling around in Asia for a few months and also in the Philippines. His daily vlogs…

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    Siquijor Island

    I think this island has much more to offer than I’ve actually seen on my daytrip. I only had a few hours to visit the main “sights” on Siquijor Island, but it was enough to convince…

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    Kalanggaman Island

    Good morning everybody! It’s time for another blog post and this one will be about the beautiful island – one of my favorite destinations on the Philippines – Kalanggaman Island. I did an island…

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    Malapascua Island

    Good morning guys! This beautiful little paradise north of Cebu Island was my first destination on my trip. I stayed there for 4 nights in a small bungalow next to the beach. On Malapascua Island, tourists and…

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    Traveling in the Philippines

    When I booked my flight to the Philippines in October 2015 it was just because I found a cheap flight without knowing what this beautiful country has to offer. My boyfriend and I then started researching,…