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A mini-guide to Ubud

I am amazed by how religion, culture and tourism intermingle in Ubud. On the one hand, one can totally see the effects and changes tourism has brought about in this area with its very modern and hip restaurants and coffee places. But on the other hand, it’s great to see that Balinese people still dress traditionally for their ceremonies at temples and lay small banana leave plates of flowers outside of every house. Plus, Balinese are just so friendly. The more time you spend outside of the touristy center, the more of the “real” Ubud you’ll get to know: you can watch the workers in the rice fields, go to local markets or grab something traditional to eat in a small warung.

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Airbnb Indonesia Travels

Casa Avana · Ubud

I started my journey in Indonesia with a few days of exploring and relaxing in Ubud. This area is known for its spiritual and a bit more authentic vibe and so I thought it would be the perfect start to this journey. To be honest, Ubud is quite busy, especially Ubud center. There is loads of shopping opportunities and restaurants, so it goes without saying that there is heaps of tourists. Fortunately, I found a quiet Airbnb surrounded by ricefields just a 5-10minute drive from the center.

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Airbnb Cambodia Travels

Khmere Maison d’Angkor · Siem Reap

This might actually be on the top of my favorite Airbnb places I have stayed at so far. The interesting wooden Khmer interior and the partially left open spaces make a stay in this traditional house to be a unique experience. Khmere Maison d’Angkor is located behind a small temple complex, so occasionally, you can see monks on their way to daily prayers. Even though I only stayed at this beautiful Airbnb just for two nights, I still can’t get over this gorgeous but at the same time very simple place.

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Traveling with carry-on · Tips

This is probably my fourth attempt of putting together a decent packing guide for those of us, who prefer to travel only with one bag, my favorite bag – called the carry-on. In the last years, I came across so many people who can’t believe that a four-week journey fits in a small backpack with 40L capacity. Continue Reading

Hotels Travels Thailand

FU House · Hostel Bangkok

The last time I left Bangkok, I decided that I would try staying somewhere new. So when it was time for me to find a new accommodation in Bangkok, it wasn’t that easy. Should I find something more luxurious? Or more down-to-earth? Before leaving Koh Kood for Bangkok, I had already assembled a small list of places that I wanted to stay at and not many were free for our time period. FU House Hostel counted amongst my favorites as it was offering that particular vibe I look for. I had always stayed at places around Sukhumvit Soi 14, and since I didn’t want to miss the busy atmosphere, FU House Hostel in Soi 8 was just around the corner.

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Koh Kood

Happy New Year everyone! 2018 is off to a great start as I have decided to get back into writing new posts. My motivation to start where I stopped last year stems from quite a lot of messages from a few friends of mine asking about my travels in Thailand.

As you might have seen on my Instagram, I visited Koh Kood last year and it has become one of my favorite destinations in Thailand. So I have put together a list of tips on where to stay and my favorite beaches for you.

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My Travel Playlist

Whenever I travel, I like to listen to these songs – especially on during take-off and landing, because I get nervous easily, so this playlist helps me relax, shut off from noise and enjoy my time above the clouds. Continue Reading

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Koh Tachai

Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to. Without even having touched ground on the island, I was already stoked from far away by it’s crazy blue water color. And then, when I was about to put my legs on the sand and take my first steps on the beach with its soft powdery sand, I realized that this is not a dream and I’ve actually found paradise.

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Travels Thailand

Ko Lanta · Impressions

After a few days of island-hopping in the area of Krabi, we headed South to relax on the beautiful island of Ko Lanta for three days. We both wished to stay a few more days, but unfortunately I had already planned and booked everything ahead, so we had to move on. One thing is absolutely certain: I’ll come back! Tourism hasn’t reached this island so far and the many beach bars and restaurants alongside beach Klong Khong have this unique flair and offer stunning sunset views. Enough talking, you can see the beauty of this island (or at least the part that I visited) for yourselves in this blog post!

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